A piece of glass struck

A piece of glass struck is not a story its my emotion which i want to convey to the world. Its a piece of glass that get struck when someone betrays you or plays with your emotion , that may intentionally or non intentionally … Its that feeling when someone chokes your neck in your […]

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Every day , i travelled by train to reach  my academy ; that was the reason ,why train never fasinated me? To be honest nothing grabbed my attention because all were same , nothing was so special. Same local train , same uncles , same gossiping aunties and same regular familar faces. But something changed […]

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Udna hai mujhe iss bairaag panchi ki tharah, Na rishtho ki dore bathegi mujhe , Na koi bandhan rokeki mujhe. Kismat aur kainaat ko leh chalungi apne sung , Ek bairaagi ki therah… Na wakth ki zangeer , Na zamaane ki parvaaa, Udna hai mujhe iss bairaag panchi ki therah

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